Energy Storage: Introduction to Two Power-To-X Technologies

The Energy Storage: Introduction to Two Power-To-X Technologies webinar took place on June 20th, as a collaborative effort between two European Union (EU) projects, DARE2X and RECYCALYSE. The webinar aimed to explore and promote Power-to-X technologies as viable solutions for decarbonizing energy production within the EU and beyond.

The session began with a comprehensive overview of Power-to-X technologies, highlighting their potential to address the pressing need for sustainable energy systems. Dr. Christian Kallesøe played a significant role in contextualizing these technologies and both DARE2X and RECYCALYSE projects showcased their technologies´ possible impact on energy production.

Dr. Simon Pitscheider from the RECYCALYSE project, which is nearing completion, presented its remarkable achievements in the field of circular economy. Particularly significant was the successful reuse of reduced CRM (Critical Raw Materials) electrocatalytic materials, which demonstrated considerable advancements in sustainable material utilization. Furthermore, the optimization of stack system performance was discussed, further enhancing the efficiency and reliability of Power-to-X technologies.

The second presentation by Dr. Christoffer M Pedersen from the recently initiated DARE2X project shared its research endeavours aimed at disrupting traditional methods of grey ammonia production. The project focuses on developing decentralized, dynamic, green ammonia synthesis using renewable energy. These innovations have the potential to revolutionize ammonia production, reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener energy landscape.

Behind the scenes: The three speakers from Danish Technological Institute set up for the webinar

The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A and Mentimeter session, fostering interaction among participants. Attendees had the opportunity to share their country of origin and industry affiliation and express their main interests in the highlighted activities. This interactive segment aimed to create a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging knowledge exchange and networking among participants from various backgrounds.

Overall, the Energy Storage: Introduction to Two Power-To-X Technologies webinar provided a platform for experts, researchers, and industry professionals to look into the promising field of Power-to-X technologies. With projects like DARE2X and RECYCALYSE driving innovation and sustainability forward, the webinar offered valuable insights into the potential of these technologies in achieving a low-carbon future for energy production.