DARE2X Project’s General Assembly Fuels Progress and Innovation

The DARE2X project, committed to pioneering green ammonia production, concluded a dynamic two-day General Assembly on September 2023. The assembly, held on September 27th at Lund University and September 28th at the Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering facilities in Malmö, Sweden, brought together all project partners to share key advancements and continue building a common strategy.

Professor Xin Tu, PhD, from the University of Liverpool, delivering his presentation

The General Assembly provided partners with the opportunity to present the progress achieved in each Work Package during the past six months. It became a hub of in-depth discussions and strategic planning for upcoming tasks and duties, further driving the project’s goals.

Day one featured an array of insightful sessions, commencing with Work Package discussions concerning catalyst development, sorption materials, plasma-catalytic ammonia synthesis, and readiness assessment.

A collaborative session with experts from the University of Lund added depth to the discussions on plasma catalysis.

The session featured presentations by Andreas Ehn and Johan Zetterberg, both Associate Professors from the Combustion Physics Department, and Sam Taylor, a PhD student from the Department of Chemical Engineering. They provided an enlightening overview of their department’s research work and presented their project, “Plasma-Catalysis for Ammonia Production: In Situ AP-XPS Study of Adsorbed Surface Species in a Plasma Environment”. The day concluded with a tour of the Kemicentrum departments at Lund University, followed by a delightful team dinner.

Partners discuss with the invited experts about project details during the Joint session

The second day continued with intense deliberations and strategic planning for the upcoming project phase. Danish Technological Institute led a dedicated ethics workshop, ensuring ethical considerations were at the forefront of DARE2X. The event concluded with an informative tour of the state-of-the-art Hulteberg facilities, providing a comprehensive understanding of their contributions to the project’s success.

The DARE2X team enjoying a tour at the Hulteberg facilities in Malmö

Partners present included the project coordinator Danish Technological Institute, Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering, University of Liverpool, LOMARTOV, ENSO Innovation, and the National Institute of Chemistry, with the last two partners joining online.

The General Assembly’s success was a platform for collaboration, innovation, and shared dedication to propelling green ammonia production to the forefront of sustainability.

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