Advancing Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) within the DARE2X Project

The DARE2X consortium is committed to enhancing its knowledge of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) methodologies, with a keen focus on integrating them into the project’s research initiatives. With this aim, LOMARTOV guided the inaugural RRI session under Task 6.4, which delves into the social acceptability and readiness of the DARE2X solution.

The primary objective of this session was to familiarise consortium members with the core principles and dimensions of RRI, fostering a shared vision among participants, and building a common ground for the future development of the project.

After the session, partners engaged in a comprehensive self-assessment and an insightful discussion about what RRI could bring to DARE2X. Their contributions were meticulously analyzed and synthesized to formulate key conclusions and recommendations since they will be crucial in further enhancing the sustainability and acceptability of the DARE2X technologies.

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The RRI methodology and its requisite steps will enable the project to publicly document its outcomes in the forthcoming deliverable, D6.5. This deliverable, titled “DARE2X Social Impact Positioning: Communication Guidelines for Technology Acceptance“, will highlight the project’s commitment to responsible and transparent innovation.


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