How will RECYCALYSE and DARE2X contribute to improving the non-battery-based energy storage sector?

The Horizon Europe DARE2X project and the H2020 RECYCALYSE project aim to boost the economic competitiveness of the European Union’s energy storage production through the development of different technologies.

The DARE2X project is focusing on Ammonia (NH3) which is the second most produced primary chemical in the world and can potentially also be used to store energy and used as a green fuel. The main objective of DARE2X is to replace the fossil-fuel based process (which consists of transforming natural gas at high pressures and temperatures) with a sustainable alternative for producing NH3 using electrolysis and a low-pressure plasma reactor. Thus, the DARE2X process combined with the RECYCALYSE electrolysis could be used as sustainable energy storage solutions.

In the case of the RECYCALYSE project, energy is stored in the form of hydrogen using proton exchange membrane electrolysis (PEMEC). The project aims to lower the cost of PEMEC systems, thereby lowering the cost of sustainable energy storage. The innovation comes from developing highly active oxygen evolution catalysts, and a recycling scheme for the components of a PEMEC system. This technology will help to reduce or eliminate the use of critical raw materials in PEMEC, thus decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing costs as well as reducing the material dependence of mining outside of the EU.

Both initiatives will contribute to reducing or eliminating critical raw materials as well as decreasing CO2 emissions and costs. One of the innovations will be to avoid the dependence on material imports to Europe, by recovering and implementing materials in these newly developed processes. In this way, the projects can contribute to a circular economy.

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