Exploring Power-to-X Technology Developments for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Climate Commitment

As part of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the European Union has committed to addressing global warming through climate action, including near-zero levels of GHG emissions by 2050. While the energy sectors are making significant strides in reducing their emissions, other sectors such as transport, buildings, and industry, face more difficulties given their reliance on fossil fuels. In response, Power-to-gas and Power-to-liquid (Power-to-X) solutions coupled with low-carbon electricity generation, emerge as promising strategies.

Discussing the Potential of Power-to-X

In this roundtable webinar, experts from four Horizon EU projects are coming together to discuss the latest advancements in P-2-X, delving into its potential to disrupt the energy landscape and accelerate Europe’s journey toward net-zero emissions. Their technologies develop the production of chemicals and fuels from renewable power, reshaping the energy landscape and fostering a sustainable future.

Meet the Panel

The debate will be led by Inês Jordão, Specialist at Energy Materials Group from the Danish Technological Institute. She will moderate the conversation between Christoffer Mølleskov, Project Coordinator at DARE2X; Hermenegildo Garcia, Project Researcher at MOF2H2; Francisco Vidal, Associated Partner at UP-TO-ME; and Jérôme Barrau, Project Coordinator at SOLARX. Each of them brings unique insights, based on their comprehensive study of Power-to-X applications.

Why Join the Conversation?

Our panel of experts will delve into the concept of their groundbreaking research, revealing how Power-to-X solutions enhance energy efficiency and add commercial value. Whether you’re an interested observer, academic, student, or professional, this discussion offers the opportunity to gain insights, share perspectives, and be part of the transformative dialogue of Power-to-X.

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